What is Dermal Remodeling?

What is Dermal Remodeling?

Dermal Remodeling, or DR, is the first science based medi-holistic resurfacing system, and it renders conventional approaches obsolete.

The key to its success is that it brings health and vigor to the deeper living skin layer that directly determines the appearance of the visible skin layer. A whole set of protocols have been developed to support this central goal.

The result is Dermal Remodeling: a futuristic evolved superior skin care process that doesn’t entirely fit into ANY current category.  It’s too holistic for a medical spa and it’s too medical for day spa. It’s the new skin care blueprint.

Danny Neifert’s Dermal Remodeling process is a brand new synergy between medical and holistic skin care. Skin problems are resolved at the root level, which results in healthy and radiant skin today, while ensuring maximum skin health and beauty over a lifetime.

Other commonly used skin care techniques, including lasers, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and retinol creams, deliver short-term visible results, but they harm the skin and accelerate aging. Over time, the living layer of the skin is damaged and the visible layer loses its vibrancy.

European luxury facials can change the visible skin layer’s appearance in the short term, but they do nothing to enhance the health of the deep living skin layer, which is essential to transforming the way skin ages.

Dermal Remodeling offers the short-term benefits of these other procedures, without the long-term resulting damage from other skin care techniques. You get the skin you want now, while preserving and enhancing its health and beauty over time.

Dermal Remodeling:

  • Addresses the health and integrity of the deep living layer of the skin, which directly affects the appearance of the visible skin layer.
  • Relies on Danny’s masterful extractions to ensure that anything congesting the skin is expertly removed.
  • Uses the highest quality serums available during facials and for home care to deliver potent nutrients to the living skin layer, resulting in new cell growth and tissue oxygenation, which protects your skin against accelerated aging.
  • Includes skin care customization, which ensures that you and your skin get exactly what you need to achieve the healthiest and most radiant skin possible.
  • Can resolve acne and rosacea, fade hyper-pigmentation, mediate damage from past skin treatments, and reverse many signs of aging.

Skin Harmonics facials and home care are an investment in a lifetime of skin health and beauty. You and your skin are worth nothing less.

The current methods (chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, and retinol creams) induce congestion, anxiety, dehydration, oil overproduction, and inflammation. This is a surefire formula for rapidly aging skin; think downward spiral. The other current offering, European or “natural” skincare, will basically walk you in circles.

DR  – think upward spiral – is a fusion of the best of both worlds; instead of penetrating acids or lasers, it delivers natural ingredients for sustainable cell turnover, literally detoxifies old stored debris, and dramatically increases the thickness and vigor of the deeper dermal living skin layer.

Skin becomes more resilient to extrinsic aging factors like stress, sun damage, hormones, and internal health issues.  It will change the skin’s physiology by building more capillaries to circulate oxygen.

Unprecedented glowing skin is the result…and the glow only increases over time.

Dr. Ben’s Johnson’s products and writings support Dermal Remodeling. You can find his book here: Transform Your Skin, Naturally: Groundbreaking Alternatives to Exfoliation and Other Damaging Anti-Aging Strategies

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