Saves You Money

Dermal Remodeling Saves You Money

One Skin Harmonics facial is more beneficial for your skin than a series of facials using other techniques, including those recommended by most dermatologists or plastic surgeons. You will come in less frequently, experience far greater results, and save money.

Everyone’s skin is unique and requires customized treatment. The Dermal Remodeling process takes anywhere from two weeks to two years. For other types of skin care, a facial is recommended once a month, forever. With Dermal Remodeling, after a maximum of two years, you will only need a facial once or twice a year if you are using the serums at home. When you compare that with a monthly facial for a lifetime, it hands down will save you money.

Not only will you maximize your skin health today and over your lifetime, while avoiding damaging your living skin layer with mircodermabrasion, chemical peels, retinol creams, and lasers, you will save money in the process.

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See Skin Harmonics results in these dramatic before and after photos.