Bacteria, acne connection and a BIG misplaced obsession

skin_harmonics_benzoyl_peroxideThe dreaded bacteria phobia and obsession… don’t get me wrong I am a certified germaphobe but when it comes to skin and the acne bacteria there is a different conversation. Benzoyl peroxide ironically creates bacteria problems.

Here, let me explain:

Bacteria is a symptom of acne but it alone does not cause acne. Genetics, hormones,intestinal flora do cause acne.  Another major contributor to acne is barrier disruption. Barrier disruption is when the skin’s natural acid mantle and barrier are chronically dismantled. This is achieved by the use of Glycolic, lactic, or Salysilic acids, or benzoyl peroxide. In addition, over scrubbing combined with depriving the skin of an oil rich moisturizer block pores and further congest your skin. You may very well trigger a bigger acne problem instead of improving it. Not good.

True, benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and behaves somewhat to an antibiotic. Like an antibiotic, it also sets up an environment that produces more bacteria. Daily benzoyl peroxide must be used every day because the skin becomes unable to host anything else.

A more stable and long term solution is Dermal Remodeling. If balance is restored to the skin then bad bacteria just doesn’t grow.  Dermal Remodeling creates skin that is deeply hydrated, nourished, and protected from harshness. Furthermore the sebaceous glands adjust to find the genetic setting perfect for each individual under this protocol without overproducing oil.

Bottom line: Balanced oil production minimizes bacteria.