Knowledge is Power


I have learned that even the best products that money can buy are AS INEFFECTIVE as the cheapest if they not used properly. Here is what you need to know: No matter what the product, PROPER usage is absolutely crucial to seeing results. Period.

In other words, you can spend a lot of money on products and still not get results! Expensive products are wasted if there is no basic understanding of how our skin accepts nutrients. It is ultimately the deciding factor in the health of our skin.

Dermal Remodeling Method, and dermal delivery of nutrients, has been an enormous breakthrough for our skin.

When using any product, ask yourself:
1. What products am I applying?
2. Why am I using them?
3. How do I properly apply them?

These are the missing puzzle pieces for us as we learn to care for our skin.
Dermal Remodeling Method is the simple and effective cure for a confusing and inefficient skin care regime.

Dermal remodeling offers Knowledge that will keep you from wasting your resources.

Oil and water actually DO mix: Part II

DrySkinI am going to get right to the point here: Oil-free moisturizers are not only the single most useless product being sold but they also shamelessly perpetuate the misunderstanding of our skin. Let me explain…

To begin, your natural oils are NOT what is congesting your skin or causing blackheads. Skin becomes congested when it is utterly, completely dehydrated. Water is incredibly important to both our bodies AND our skin. I will go on to bravely say that it is THE most important thing for the health and luscious vitality of our skin!

The best, most effective way to raise water levels in our skin is to literally trap the water under a barrier of oil, emulsified oil or moisturizer. Without a necessary oil barrier the water will evaporate within minutes. Oil-free moisturizers, therefor, cause serious dehydration in our skin which leads to a long list of things we don’t want like wrinkles, black heads, large pores, oil overproduction, hyper-sensitivity (including sun sensitivity).

OK. Now you know.

You can’t get the skin to do a front flip if it can’t even walk!

hyperpigmentationHyper pigmentation is a huge concern for most of my clients. Stress, hormonal shifts, medication, sun exposure, topical dehydration, as well as over exfoliation are contributing factors to hyper-pigmentation.

What you may not know is that IPL, hydroquinone, and other bleaching creams ad inflammation to the skin which will cause your skin to be much more vulnerable to UV rays. Conventional treatments can create “rebound hyper-pigmentation”. If you have ever used these treatment you may have experienced that 3-12 months after you stop (or heal), the hyper-pigmentation returns. These conventional treatments only help in the short term and may be damaging in the long run!

I recommend long term planning. The way to reduce hyper pigmentation, while preventing future hyper pigmentation, is to provide the four things…there are NO Substitutes for:

1. Water
2. Dermal nourishment
3. Debri removal
4. Protection

Once your skin is stabilized not only will your skin have beautiful, even tone but it will become naturally resilient to damaging UV rays. Remember that it’s impossible to eliminate hyper-pigmention without correcting the cause.

World Peace. Whirled Peas. World Pores.

Today’s ant-aging methods are in essence like dropping bombs to achieve World Peace.

Having a microdermabrasion, laser or chemical peel is like dropping an age-bomb on your skin. These processes slowly exhausting the vitality and health of the dermal layer until your skin gives up and waves the white flag. Depleted and starving for real nourishment, there is no way for your skin to properly fight back. The result is a thinning, and visual aging, of the dermal layer.

I say it is time to call a truce with these harsh practices and make friends with your skin! Dermal Remodeling is a great way to create a healthy, noticeable improvement in the way your skin behaves.

Fresh, dewy, lusciously hydrated!

What’s not to love?!

Chronic Exfoliation Can Age Your Skin

layers_of_the_skinChronic exfoliation such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments and other “anti-aging” procedures attack and actually thin the Dermal Layer of our skin.

The beautiful Dermal layer is alive and makes the layer of dead (but crucially necessary) skin layer that we see in the mirror is fundamentally our REAL skin. Aggressive exfoliation procedures demand a tremendous amount of work from this layer. Imagine running a marathon over and over without replenishing your body with food and water. At some point you would be exhausted and lose pep. This is essentially what happens to our Dermis. There is no question that exfoliating the epidermis does speed cell turnover BUT it is not because it is a healthy event! It is because the skin is rushing to fix the damage, much to the detriment of the dermis.

The theory of daily exfoliation has been suggested and implemented for the last 30 years. There is no evidence that it has benefitted the skin and there is a tremendous amount of evidence that is leads to more damage!

How are you supposed to achieve optimal skin health? I practice Dermal Remodeling. Instead of penetrating acids or lasers, Dermal Remodeling delivers natural ingredients for sustainable cell turnover, literally detoxifies old stored debris, and dramatically increases the thickness and vigor of the deeper dermal living skin layer!

Woman showing dramatic decrease in wrinkles before and after Skin Harmonics treatment with Osmosis products

Oil and Water Actually DO Mix

Woman showing dramatic decrease in wrinkles before and after Skin Harmonics treatment with Osmosis productsThe number one thing that skin is craving is water!

It is absolutely crucial to how well your skin actually can BE skin. Water makes a long list of things possible. And the long list is an important one trust me. The only only only way your skin can retain water is by having the right relationship with oil. Shriek. Yes!!!!! Understanding the role of your skins natural oil and the right use of a good moisturizer is the key to unlocking the door to radiant, deliciously hydrated skin.

What makes moist, hydrated skin is the right combination of both water AND oil. The skin needs them both. Oil-phobias set the skin up to be chronically dehydrated. Chronic dehydration creates a long list of things that you don’t want happening with your skin.

In essence: An oil-phobic person is creating blackheads, congestion and wrinkles. All of the products I use are made with natural, wholesome face-feeding, skin-nourishing ingredients BUT without a heavy feel or shiny residue. Period.

Chronic Irritation Can Cause Your Skin to Age Faster

radiant_skinThere have been a lot of studies indicating that inflammation, caused from sunburns, too many chemical peels, strong detergent based products and “glycolic overload” all break down the skin’s lipid barrier, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to irritation and the production of free radicals. If the skin is irritated all of the time, it is an indication of free radical damage, which can change the DNA of the cells and age your skin even faster.

Instead opt for gentle cleansers, and then wash your face only in the evening only if you have been wearing makeup. A warm washcloth followed by skin nourishment and hydration is all you need to have fresh, nourished radiant skin.

Never ever use an “oil-free” moisturizer.  These products will never trap water in your skin AND encourage your skin to increase its oil production creating a confusing & terrible cycle of anxiety. Read Your Oil Free Moisturizer is Congesting Your Skin for a detailed explanation of why oil-free moisturizers can actually cause acne and accelerate aging!