Pore – phobia

skin_harmonics_healthy_poresI get asked constantly “How can I shrink my pores?” The conventional beauty industry exploits this fear and spends trillions of dollars every year to keep the shrink-my-pore myth thriving.  Myth? YES. Myth. Don’t sell your pores to the devil… not even one.

Here is the beautiful truth about your pores:

1. Pore size is genetic.

2. The larger the pores the larger the capacity to produce oil. Which is a very good thing! Healthy, hydrated skin is the key to anti-aging and clear skin. When skin is hydrated, dermally nourished, and hormones and intestinal flora are balanced, beautiful, youthful skin is a result.

3. Conversely, hardened oil plugs that get stuck in pores can temporarily (or even permanently) over stretch pore openings. Hardened pores are a direct result of topical dehydration, sun exposure, and lack of new skin cells emanating from the dermis.

4. By now we all are aware that the beauty industry literally Photoshops away the pores from their ads. Which feeds the pore hysteria.

Here is the sad pattern that worsens pore size: Over scrubbing, using astringents (toners), over scraping pores and constant removal of skins natural oils dehydrate the skin. This tells the sebaceous gland to make more and more oil, throwing your skin into over production. This, ironically, creates a vicious cycle of more congestion and enlarges pores to accommodate these hardened plugs.

What is a pore lover to do?

Dermal Remodeling returns the skin’s oil production to its natural genetic setting, clear pore functionality, huge healing and anti-aging benefits of skins natural oils, while creating soft permeable plump skin that ages slowly.

Bacteria, acne connection and a BIG misplaced obsession

skin_harmonics_benzoyl_peroxideThe dreaded bacteria phobia and obsession… don’t get me wrong I am a certified germaphobe but when it comes to skin and the acne bacteria there is a different conversation. Benzoyl peroxide ironically creates bacteria problems.

Here, let me explain:

Bacteria is a symptom of acne but it alone does not cause acne. Genetics, hormones,intestinal flora do cause acne.  Another major contributor to acne is barrier disruption. Barrier disruption is when the skin’s natural acid mantle and barrier are chronically dismantled. This is achieved by the use of Glycolic, lactic, or Salysilic acids, or benzoyl peroxide. In addition, over scrubbing combined with depriving the skin of an oil rich moisturizer block pores and further congest your skin. You may very well trigger a bigger acne problem instead of improving it. Not good.

True, benzoyl peroxide kills bacteria and behaves somewhat to an antibiotic. Like an antibiotic, it also sets up an environment that produces more bacteria. Daily benzoyl peroxide must be used every day because the skin becomes unable to host anything else.

A more stable and long term solution is Dermal Remodeling. If balance is restored to the skin then bad bacteria just doesn’t grow.  Dermal Remodeling creates skin that is deeply hydrated, nourished, and protected from harshness. Furthermore the sebaceous glands adjust to find the genetic setting perfect for each individual under this protocol without overproducing oil.

Bottom line: Balanced oil production minimizes bacteria.

Fear Not Scary Halloween Skin

skin_harmonics_makeupThe week after Halloween is always especially fun for me because I get to see how piles of cheap make-up effect my client’s skin! Happily, my regular clients are able to use almost anything on their skin and hardly miss a beat. Their skin continues to be unaffected by the thickest of cheap makeup because of the Dermal Remodeling protocol they follow. They emerge from Halloween like skin angels…

In contrast, many first time clients are in complete duress the week after. Their skin is especially irritated, and completely out of harmony, exaggerating the imbalances that were there before the cheap make-up.

Dermal Remodeling creates healthy, vibrant, confident skin that is protected from the skin anxiety that everyday living (or every holiday) dishes out.

Knowledge is Power


I have learned that even the best products that money can buy are AS INEFFECTIVE as the cheapest if they not used properly. Here is what you need to know: No matter what the product, PROPER usage is absolutely crucial to seeing results. Period.

In other words, you can spend a lot of money on products and still not get results! Expensive products are wasted if there is no basic understanding of how our skin accepts nutrients. It is ultimately the deciding factor in the health of our skin.

Dermal Remodeling Method, and dermal delivery of nutrients, has been an enormous breakthrough for our skin.

When using any product, ask yourself:
1. What products am I applying?
2. Why am I using them?
3. How do I properly apply them?

These are the missing puzzle pieces for us as we learn to care for our skin.
Dermal Remodeling Method is the simple and effective cure for a confusing and inefficient skin care regime.

Dermal remodeling offers Knowledge that will keep you from wasting your resources.

Chronic Irritation Can Cause Your Skin to Age Faster

radiant_skinThere have been a lot of studies indicating that inflammation, caused from sunburns, too many chemical peels, strong detergent based products and “glycolic overload” all break down the skin’s lipid barrier, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to irritation and the production of free radicals. If the skin is irritated all of the time, it is an indication of free radical damage, which can change the DNA of the cells and age your skin even faster.

Instead opt for gentle cleansers, and then wash your face only in the evening only if you have been wearing makeup. A warm washcloth followed by skin nourishment and hydration is all you need to have fresh, nourished radiant skin.

Never ever use an “oil-free” moisturizer.  These products will never trap water in your skin AND encourage your skin to increase its oil production creating a confusing & terrible cycle of anxiety. Read Your Oil Free Moisturizer is Congesting Your Skin for a detailed explanation of why oil-free moisturizers can actually cause acne and accelerate aging!