You can’t get the skin to do a front flip if it can’t even walk!

hyperpigmentationHyper pigmentation is a huge concern for most of my clients. Stress, hormonal shifts, medication, sun exposure, topical dehydration, as well as over exfoliation are contributing factors to hyper-pigmentation.

What you may not know is that IPL, hydroquinone, and other bleaching creams ad inflammation to the skin which will cause your skin to be much more vulnerable to UV rays. Conventional treatments can create “rebound hyper-pigmentation”. If you have ever used these treatment you may have experienced that 3-12 months after you stop (or heal), the hyper-pigmentation returns. These conventional treatments only help in the short term and may be damaging in the long run!

I recommend long term planning. The way to reduce hyper pigmentation, while preventing future hyper pigmentation, is to provide the four things…there are NO Substitutes for:

1. Water
2. Dermal nourishment
3. Debri removal
4. Protection

Once your skin is stabilized not only will your skin have beautiful, even tone but it will become naturally resilient to damaging UV rays. Remember that it’s impossible to eliminate hyper-pigmention without correcting the cause.

Chronic Irritation Can Cause Your Skin to Age Faster

radiant_skinThere have been a lot of studies indicating that inflammation, caused from sunburns, too many chemical peels, strong detergent based products and “glycolic overload” all break down the skin’s lipid barrier, leaving it exposed and vulnerable to irritation and the production of free radicals. If the skin is irritated all of the time, it is an indication of free radical damage, which can change the DNA of the cells and age your skin even faster.

Instead opt for gentle cleansers, and then wash your face only in the evening only if you have been wearing makeup. A warm washcloth followed by skin nourishment and hydration is all you need to have fresh, nourished radiant skin.

Never ever use an “oil-free” moisturizer.  These products will never trap water in your skin AND encourage your skin to increase its oil production creating a confusing & terrible cycle of anxiety. Read Your Oil Free Moisturizer is Congesting Your Skin for a detailed explanation of why oil-free moisturizers can actually cause acne and accelerate aging!