Essential oils and facial skin

skin_harmonics_essential_oilsI absolutely love essential oils! It was my entry into skincare when I was 20.  Yet I have come to the conclusion that most essential oils are too astringent to use on the face. They tend to disrupt disperse the skins natural oils.

There are a few exceptions like rose and carrot seed, blue chamomile, graciously. Myrrh, frankincense, rosewood, sandalwood, vetiver, helichrysum in tiny amounts. These essential oils are hydrophilic – magnetizing water while not interfering with skins natural oils.

Most others including lavender, all citrus, jasmine, ylang ylang, tea tree, geranium, clary sage, fall into the category of disturbing the skins natural oils which invariably starts the the sequence of events of dehydration( crusty skin) and over production of oil.  Reserve these for body, personal scented oils and household cleaning.