Injections are Temporary

skin_harmonics_volumeThere are 4 major aspects to evaluating and improving skin:

1. Volume: Elastin & Collagen. No product can replace it drastically enough to recapture youth. Injections are temporary and leave the tissue stretched and damaged.  Daily use of sunscreen is the most effective way to protect your skin’s volume.  The best, holistic way, to positively affect volume is Microcurrent treatments.  It’s like Pilates for the face that lifts and tones facial muscles to increase volume.

2. Deep Stress Wrinkles: You can Botox these stress wrinkles away, but again, this weakens the skin over time.  Unlearn bad habits of gripping your facial muscles. Chances are you are doing this other places in the body. Nothing ages us faster than stress!

3. Texture: Dermal remodeling retextures skin and plumps fine lines without sacrificing long term skin vitality.

4. Color: Skin color is determined by how well your skin is circulating blood and also how much congestion (pustules,compacted black heads, milia) your skin is managing. Dermal nutrients improve this capacity. Dermal Remodeled skin glows!

Botoxed and volume-injected skin can create short term illusions in regards to superficial appearances BUT the skin structure can become weak, dull, crusty, discolored and rough. There is not nearly enough to long-term benefit to justify the means.