Let’s open our pores…then close them?

skin_harmonics_poresThe truth is I’ve never seen them open or close after 20 years. Not one single pore. Nope. Never. It just doesn’t happen.

I’ve seen pores soften and harden. Yes. I have seen that.

I’ve seen pores that are dehydrated, impacted and enlarged. Yes. Many of them.

Everyone has a genetic pore size. The larger the pores the more oil that is naturally made. This is a very, very wonderful thing! A built in moisturizer to trap water in the skin. Yes, please! Balanced, healthy skin that is hydrated, dermally nourished and protected doesn’t have problematic bacteria or oil problems, or clogged pores.

Love your pores! Free your pores! Stop trying to scrub/scrape them into shape. Stop stripping their protective film and causing chaos for them!

Instead, feed them, water them, protect them with a moisturizer (and NOT an oil-free one. Read this post to learn more). And remove the compacted plugs and blackheads without hurting them.

Love your pores and they will love you back.

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