Make friends with your PH

no_cottonAnd WHY do we need to readjust correct the PH of our skin with a toner or astringent? Glycolic, lactic, or salysilic peels destroy the healthy acid mantle of our skin by removing the slight “film” of healthy, natural oils on our skin. Then we try to “fix” this by correcting the PH which is crucial to healthy skin.

First, this is what we need to understand about skin care products:
1. The lower the PH the more acidic it is
2. And more acidic means it can penetrate further into the skin.
3. So the lower the PH on chemical peels, toners or astringents (as well as glycolic, lactic, Salysilic acids) the more damage they can do.
4. This USED TO BE the only way we could get new cell turnover.
5. We don’t need to do this anymore.

Benzoyl peroxide is the same as an antibiotic for your intestines. Sure it will kill bacteria but it sets you up for chronic bacteria problems moving forward. Toners and astringents will dehydrate your skin and give you black heads. Period.

Instead, allow your skin to naturally, beautifully find the perfect PH. It will do this naturally when we aren’t stripping or confusing it. You can help your skin have a healthy acid mantle with perfect PH by:
1. Hydrating
2. Feeding
3. Protecting

There, now isn’t that more friendly?