Oil and water actually DO mix: Part II

DrySkinI am going to get right to the point here: Oil-free moisturizers are not only the single most useless product being sold but they also shamelessly perpetuate the misunderstanding of our skin. Let me explain…

To begin, your natural oils are NOT what is congesting your skin or causing blackheads. Skin becomes congested when it is utterly, completely dehydrated. Water is incredibly important to both our bodies AND our skin. I will go on to bravely say that it is THE most important thing for the health and luscious vitality of our skin!

The best, most effective way to raise water levels in our skin is to literally trap the water under a barrier of oil, emulsified oil or moisturizer. Without a necessary oil barrier the water will evaporate within minutes. Oil-free moisturizers, therefor, cause serious dehydration in our skin which leads to a long list of things we don’t want like wrinkles, black heads, large pores, oil overproduction, hyper-sensitivity (including sun sensitivity).

OK. Now you know.

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