same damage ~ different method

lavendar_microdermabrasionI just read a post on a Skin Professionals discussion board that I found very misleading. They wrote about a microdermabrasion machine using crushed lavender instead of tiny hard crystals. The idea was that by using crushed lavender it was somehow a gentler process. Putting this on a spa menu makes it sound so sweet and harmless! Remember that the aim of microdermabrasion is to literally damage the protective layer of skin thereby causing a so called “healing effect”.

We no longer have to harm our skin to “help” our skin! Lavender flower microdermabrasion is the perfect expression of how misunderstood the industry is about how our skin builds healthy collagen. It has been scientifically proven that microdermabrasion, even with crushed lavender, ages our skin faster in the long term because it actually thins our dermis! The exact opposite of what healthy, vibrant skin needs. Don’t fall for it. Just don’t.


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