Our Natural Facial Skin Care Services

Treat your skin to a unique and root level detoxifying process that reverses and dramatically slows aging. Dermal Remodeling is the result of a medical doctor’s research and patented products combined with the hands-on practical genius of a 20-year skin expert.

Effective alternative skin treatments for the following:

• Acne
• Scarring
• Rosacea
• Hyperpigmentation
• Premature aging
• Severe sundamage & acetinic keretosis
• Pregnancy
• Diabetes
• Post surgical wounds
• Hyper sensitivity
• Menopause
• General dullness
• Trauma from injections, chemical peels, lasers
• Oncology

Everyone’s skin is unique and requires customized treatment.

The Dermal Remodeling process takes anywhere from two weeks to two years*, depending on your skin’s health.

For other types of skin care, a facial is recommended once a month, forever.

With Dermal Remodeling, after a maximum of two years, you will only need a facial once or twice a year (if you are using the serums at home.)

When you compare that with a monthly facial for a lifetime, it hands down will save you money.

Not only will you maximize your skin health today and over your lifetime, while avoiding damaging your living skin layer with mircodermabrasion, chemical peels, retinol creams, and lasers…you will save money in the process!

* In some rare extreme cases, it can be three years. For most clients, the process takes 3-6 months.


• This includes not only our session, but one of the three options below, AND my ongoing text support to reorient you to your new home care routine.

“Danny is great and continues to follow up with me even though I haven’t been back for a facial since before the wedding.” – Kimberly F., Pasadena, CA

• In addition, I do a full assessment of practically every pore and map precisely how to track your home care going forward, to ensure that your skin is only going to glow more and more in the months that follow.

We offer complimentary skin consultations for new clients.


60 min: $225
90 min: $325
Add $100 for extensive or deep extractions:


(each valued at $100)

1. Follow-Up Appointment*
2. Dermal Infusion
3. Intro Home Care Package

I can make a recommendation of which option to choose based on what your skin would most benefit from. There is a VERY wide range of what individual skin needs! Having these three options allows me to customize for exactly what your skin needs.

* Must be 3-7 days after initial session.


To fully repair skin that is sun or acne damaged, more frequent extractions are required until the skin is healed. To make it easier for you to do the monthly or bi-monthly deep extraction treatments necessary to heal your skin, the rate is $325.

We also offer emergency blemish control for ongoing clients.


In over 20 years of working with skin I have only found one company (Osmosis) who makes products that can deliver meaningful nutrients into our beloved dermis. I custom blend their nutrients, along with one other lab-certified component, to exponentially increase the overall effectiveness. As we watch how your unique skin responds to the dermal nutrients during your Home Care, I adjust the blend to ensure that you are getting the perfect amount of nutrients in balance with maximizing water levels in your skin. In this way I can prevent skin irritation and expedite the metabolization of these gorgeous-making nutrients.

In addition, there are several other products that you can add on to your home care routine to boost the juice and get better results.

Depending on how much you choose to do, and what will work for your skin (sometimes more is not better!), home care costs can range between $90-400/month.


• Detoxicology Consultations for Life Wellness
• Mentorship Training for serious skin care professionals
• Speaking Engagements and Skin Care Advocacy