Praise: Testimonials

I used to have terrible acne. I felt the need to wear makeup every day and being a busy person with a very active lifestyle, this was not ideal. Making the situation even worse, the makeup I was applying would cover the redness, but my face still looked bumpy and gross.

I decided to go see a Dermatologist to see if there was anything they could do to help. The Dermatologist decided to put me on several retinol creams, to dry out my skin and fix my acne. These creams dried out my skin as expected, but also made it flakey and I found myself constantly peeling off dry skin. The application of the creams was also stingy, unpleasant, and was so strong it bleached my pillowcases, sheets, and clothes. I quickly realized these creams were terrible and my skin was still so problematic.

I then turned to facials which started me on the path of “the natural route”. This led me to Danny at Skin Harmonics which has been completely life-changing. Three products are used, all of which are natural and are pain-free to apply! The other technique used is extractions which are painful, but it gets all the congestion out and makes a huge difference. I recently went back to the Dermatologist for another reason and they didn’t even recognize my skin. They were also in complete shock when they found out the products I was using were natural and how well that was working.

I have been using the products and had extractions done every couple of months over the last year. I’m comfortable going out makeup free again and my skin looks great. Thank you Danny!

Grace R (age 15)

Danny has completely changed the texture of my skin, giving me a firmer, even and blemish-free glow. Something about the combination of everything she does has my skin glowing and radiating in a way that I never thought possible.

Kirsten A.

Hi Danny,

Two years ago my skin was looking so washed out, crinkled — (not so much wrinkled, I don’t mind wrinkles that much) lifeless would be the best word to describe my face then. Even with a tan during the summer, my face had the appearance of parchment paper—an old historic document! Actually I looked like I was sick when I was well; exhausted when I was rested!

After only 3 of your treatments and 2 years of following the regimen of rose water, serum, and cocoa butter — and Lazo sun screen during the summers, I certainly don’t look that was today. Here is a selfie I took 3 days ago. I’m 85 going on 86, but I believe I look younger than my age. You be the judge
But even more important, the texture of my skin is soft, pliable and the rough spots I had for years are gone! Sorry I don’t have any “before” photos. I didn’t like any of them. I looked very bad and so didn’t take many photos then I only use no makeup except eye shadow, mascara and lip stick.

I will never lazer my face or use products to deeply exfoliate my skin again. In my opinion, Skin Harmonics is the healthy was to treat your face, not harsh products that remove top layers of your skin
Thank you so much, Danny!!!

Joyce Catlett, M.A. author

I was having trouble with the skin around my eyes feeling dry and burning, especially when wind or allergy season would come up. Starting with Danny’s products was a process that took some getting used to for me, as I normally put nothing on my skin at all. But I trusted Danny and her explanation of my skin needing to be fed to stay healthy just made sense. At first, the butter seemed like a lot, but I was surprised to see that my skin literally did take in all of it! It needed it. Now my face feels amazing, my eyes are all better and I get comments on how my face is glowing now. Under Danny’s care I feel like I’ve got a natural skin regime that I trust and can’t imagine going without.

Torry T.

Danny has taught me more about my skin in the six months of working with her than any dermatologist or online source has in the seven years that I have had acne. I am currently at about the halfway mark on my skin journey with Danny and it is the first time that I can see noticeable and lasting changes in my skin. To give a little backstory I am the poster child for trying all things acne treatments. I was prescribed Minocycline at 14, Doxycycline at 15, then went on Acutane at 16. Between all of that and after I have tried numerous skin regimens and prescribed retinal creams. The problem with all of these promises of “quick fixes” is that they are just that, a band aid that is concealing what your skin truly needs. I came to Danny after a coworker raved about the remarkable results that she had after working with her and me being at the final straw of not knowing what to do decided “what the heck, I’ve tried everything else.” Best decision of my life. Danny is unlike any other person who I have worked with and it’s because she has created a system that truly works and doesn’t subscribe to what’s trendy and cool in the skincare industry. She has completely perfected the process of retraining the skin to behave how you want it to and feed it the nutrients that it is begging for. I think that the hardest part of the entire process is just trusting in it. It is absolutely not a race and it definitely isn’t something that you’ll see a complete transformation in a few weeks or even months. However, the longer you work with her the more you’ll notice little changes to the way in which your skin acts and those little signs are the reason to stay committed to the journey. I won’t lie it is a tough path to the skin of your dreams but by the time you get to the end it will be so worth it. To me your face is everything, not in a vain way but just in a human way. It is the first thing that people see and something that greatly affects your confidence if you aren’t happy with how it looks. Investing in your current and future self truly is priceless, having the best skin you can have is an invaluable gift.

Marlena S.

It’s almost been a year since I fully committed to all of Danny’s prescription for derma remodeling. It will be one year on Valentine’s Day 2018. It is New Years Day now so about 10.5 months I have been faithfully tending to my skin. Danny told me I would have completely different skin in a year but as much as I love and respect her I had my doubts as I have never had good skin. But I am writing my testimonial today because although it hasn’t even been a full year, my skin is completely different just like Danny promised. The transformation is so amazing I literally have a hard time remembering how bad my skin used to look! Good thing she takes before and after photos! I was never able to not wear foundation and feel good about skin. EVER. My skin used to be all bumpy and red and blotchy. It is so smooth and clear now I can’t stand it!! The first facial I had I looked really ruff after. The second facial was much less shocking. I can see why Danny promised I would only need one facial a year after my first year of hard work with her. Lots more stuff came to the surface on my second facial which Danny said was great progress. I can’t wait to see what happens on my third facial in May! I used to think how can I afford to see Danny and now I think I can never afford not too; the results have been so life changing for me. I now wear foundation because I want to not because I have to and when I go on beach vacations I don’t wear it at all and my skin looks and feels amazing! The best gift you could ever give yourself and your skin is to work with Danny. I feel so grateful she is back in my life and able to treat my skin.

One of the byproducts that I love about Danny’s skincare is that I’m off the skin-consumer hamster wheel. I don’t ever have to look for products or get seduced by a new one or trying one out. I’m satisfied and am not missing anything.

Laurel L.

As a seasoned outdoors lover, I’ve spent years in the sun and in harsh environmental conditions. As we age, paying attention to our skin becomes much more important so that we can continue to enjoy what we love to do! After visiting skin harmonics and applying Dany’s regimen for 2+ years I have experienced remarkable skin rejuvenation and health. It’s fantastic t know that I can enjoy all that I love to do in middle age yet still have a vibrant glow that people always remark upon. Skin Harmonics treatments have been a way to keep looking and feeling my best, while protecting against the faulty skin information that we are all so often misinformed by. As an active outdoorsman and a guy, I highly recommend skin harmonics to keep your skin healthy and young looking, and most importantly pro-actively engage in skin care.

Rob R., Age 50 Boulder, CO

My skin looks and feels amazing consistently, even through the ups and downs of hormones and diet. I rarely wear makeup and my skin has a natural soft glow. Thank you Danny!

I’ve been seeing Danny and using her skincare for the last 1.5 years and my skin has completely transformed. It used to be dry and congested with month-old blemishes (if not older). Now it’s soft, radiant, hydrated. When I get a blemish now, it clears in a few days. During the 18 months, we’ve had three in-person sessions with extractions. Each time it was super intense, painful and uncomfortable as she cleared out my clogged struggling pours. I’d go home with a few bloody mark (apologies for the graphic details!), proof of the intensity of her work. They’d stay for about a week, scab over and heal. I haven’t had any scaring and if anything, it seems like older scars and uneven coloring has softened and evened out.

I feel good knowing my skin is now taking care of itself, looking good on its own, and feeling healthy and radiant. Thank you for empowering my skin Danny. I’d do it all again.

Laurel L.

I’ve seen Danny for her Dermal Remodeling sessions twice now, about a year between the two sessions. After my first session I knew Danny was the practitioner I’d been waiting for! Her work is the high quality, and high caliber work I seek out, that can be hard to find! Danny is thorough, sensitive, performs DEEP work, and educates me nearly the whole time I’m on her table, and beyond. I found her to be available after my sessions were complete, when I had questions about home care, and I find that invaluable! The work itself is potent, and the benefits can be maintained with a home regimen; which I like because I feel empowered by that. Her products, techniques and philosophies make so much sense to me, and are based in wholeness and health of the skin on many layers. I love the smell of the products she uses and stands by, and I feel like I am nourishing my skin with good food, rather than chemicals! When receiving a treatment from Danny, I found her to address the congestion in my skin with an attitude of normalcy. I know this is her specialty and her business afterall, but I felt no hints of shaming or judgement, just sincere, thorough, and did I mention DEEP cleansing, extracting, and nourishing attention and treatment. It felt so good to receive care from someone so knowledgeable, with such an open heart and mind – who was committed to sharing her knowledge, insights, and information.

I have a history with problematic areas of my skin; it had (and still has) a profoundly deep emotional impact on me, an impact of shame, and hiding, and self hate. I’ve spent a lot of time, energy and money on skin treatments, with varying degrees of success and feelings of being met on both the physical level and the emotional level by services and practitioners. I want to leave a treatment feeling that my skin has been truly cleansed and worked, and I’m leaving with some nuggets of wisdom to carry on outside of the treatment room. I seek out HIGH quality care and attention when it comes to my skin, and I found my treatments with Danny to hit all of these marks beyond my expectations.

To be really honest, the first 1-3 days post dermal remodeling treatment were challenging. My skin went through a recovery process, and I felt a little self-conscious those first few days after my treatment. There was still some purging my skin was going through, which felt like a good sign that the work we had done was still working. I had several whiteheads that showed up in those days after my treatment, but when I would wash my face and use the dermal nutrients and face butter they would heal beautifully. I could see the cycle of congestion moving through. Also in those first days, some parts felt tender and a little inflamed, certain areas that received very deep work needed special care, with a first aid gel (all special care I received coaching and encouragement from Danny about before I left her office). Then after 3 days, my skin began to glow and look so healthy and whole. The feeling of clarity and cleanliness felt substantial. I am totally committed to my home care routine, and I can see the long-lasting impact it can have.

Danny’s high quality services come at a cost, and I find the cost to be well worth it, given I’m only spending that money on one in-office visit a year. I have felt so happy with my skin in the last year! It feels so good to know I have someone in my corner that will help me to achieve the most beautiful healthy skin that I’ve dreamt of having! I’m so grateful for Danny.

Jenessa E.

I wanted to write a review for Danny to be shared on her website because I found Skin harmonics by searching online and reading reviews like this one. When I found Danny’s page at first.. it seemed to good to be true. For those of you who have ever experienced rosacea before, you know of the struggle when trying to find an aesthetician, products or something, literally ANYTHING, to help such delicate angry skin.

I developed rosacea, pretty severely and abruptly after months and months of using retin-a products on my already fragile face. To say I was devastated would not even slightly cover how I was feeling. I was truly depressed. That might seem vain to some, but I had never experienced rosacea before and it completely changed the way I lived my life. I could no longer were makeup because everything irritated my skin and going out in public with out it made me feel incredibly anxious. I could no longer be out in the sun, let alone just be out and about without that constant burning sensation. It was a reminder of this issue I now had to deal with. It was always on my mind and became a very big stress in my life.

The whole situation introduced me to the world of natural skincare. I couldn’t tolerate any commercial products so I figured I’d venture into the holistic side of caring for my skin. I started using natural oils and moisturizers on my face, and even though I seen some changes in my skin, it wasn’t enough to calm all the sensitivity and constant irritation I was dealing with. As Danny mentions on her page, European skincare is great and all but it only reaches the surface. I needed something to help resolve all the damage I had done to my poor face on a deeper level.

I contacted Danny in April of 2016, she replied to my e-mail within a few minutes. We spoke on the phone and shortly after a couple of hours and I knew I had to work with her. Her knowledge was empowering and I felt so hopeful. She sent me a starter package with a rose water mist, an HA serum, a nutrient serum and her butter.

At first, I hated her butter because of the way it looked once applied, but I persevered. And I’m so glad that I did because it is now my favourite item of the kit 🙂. Till this day, it is the only moisturizer I can use that truly helps calm my skin and keeps it hydrated. No other oil has been able to do so, no matter how much I’d put on. I was not able to use her nutrient serums right away, because my skin was too reactive. Over the past couple of months I have been integrating them into my routine more and more, and though I still have a long way to go, Danny’s products are the only products that have given me relief and results. I’m slowly making my way to clear, calm, normal skin. She’s given me hope again and my whole attitude has changed. I’m feeling more confident in myself!

Even though we don’t live in the same country, she ALWAYS replies to my messages within a day or two and continues to send me lovely packages of her products. She’s a great support, she’s just awesome. I don’t doubt that this process of healing would be so much quicker if I could work with Danny in person, but her skincare alone has been enough for me so far. I am planning a trip to her spa for an in person consultation and her special facials, but until then I’m sticking to this regimen and I strongly encourage whoever is reading this to do the same. It is so so so worth it.


Courtney P.