Praise: Testimonials

Dearest Danny,

Finally I am sending a testimonial about your wonderful products. I love and hope maybe a few were directed to you website by the sponsorship I put on our auction from you. I appreciate you so much. Feel free to edit, add more detail, use Ramloti or Deborah Wood as you like and use on Facebook, I am happy to help you be tremendously successful. I love you. I am also almost out of serum since you sent none last time, could you send some more. I love you and here is the testimonial.

Love, Ramloti

My Skin Has Never Been Happier!

I have been using Skin Harmonics for over four years now, and I can barely imagine a day without it! It is like the day begins when I pamper my face with the rose spritz, the master serum, followed by the face butter. I look years younger and often hear this from my friends. The evening routine makes me feel like I am going to bed really having taken care of my face, oh and I love the sweet smell of the face butter all night.

During the Dermal Remodeling I knew I was in the hands of an expert. Danny hydrated my face so deeply and the removal of old debris from my cells was so gently and carefully done, this was all followed by the lavish nourishment with these wonderful products. I left the office with deeply radiant skin that felt so healthy and whole again. I am so grateful for these products in my life.

Deborah W., Crestone, Colorado

Hey Danny!

Two things:
I swear my skin looks better than it has my ENTIRE life…thank you!!! You’ve worked a miracle hahaha!
I need more products:) I need to stock up for the summer!

Alexa R.

After another year-plus of working with Danny, my skin is the healthiest it’s been since before I hit puberty.
Prior to working with Danny, my skin was dry and looked thin and dull. I’d been using organic skin care products and was mostly unimpressed by the results… but I thought that was just the natural result of having skin that’s maturing. I regularly experienced breakouts around my monthly menstruation and struggled with flakiness on my cheeks and around my eyes. I’d get facials at a local salon semi-regularly but I never experienced any real lasting results.

Danny and her methodology shifted all of this for me. After my first meeting with her, I knew I had to work with her. All the information she shared with me about how the skin works and what supports it in thriving made so much sense to me that there was no way I could go back to caring for my skin in the way I’d been doing it before. I committed to using the regimen of products she recommended. I’d had a fairly simple skincare routine up until that point, so taking this step was a bit of an investment for me. But I was willing to test it out to see what might be possible for my skin.
I started seeing results immediately – within 2 weeks my skin was softer and more supple than I ever could have imagined, and my makeup was going on more smoothly and evenly. Only a few months after I started working with Danny, my wedding day arrived, and I felt absolutely radiant thanks to her support and knowledge.
And a year and a half later, I continue to love how my skin is evolving. I rarely get breakouts, and when I do, they are barely noticeable. Danny’s products significantly speed up the healing and recovery process if I ever have an abrasion on my skin or am dealing with a pimple. My skin looks resilient, healthy and vital.
Beyond all this, I’m so clear that my “investment” in Danny’s skin care regimen has saved me so much money in the long run – money I would’ve spent on facials and treatments at the dermatologist’s office that I no longer need or want. In the big picture, I’ve actually dramatically simplified my skin care routine and the resources I put toward it. Danny helped me put my skincare maintenance on autopilot so that I’m freed up to put my creative energy toward other things.
And beyond all of this, she’s an incredible human being whose integrity and caring is apparent in every single communication I have with her!

Laura S.

Wow, I never would have believed it but I’ve been going around without wearing foundation the last several days (this has not happened in decades). My skin is so happy and beautiful it would be a shame to cover it up! You told me it would happen and it’s true. My skin feels and looks alive, honest and glowing. You’re a miracle worker!

Laurie H.

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I travel 500 miles for the amazing extensive facials! I began using Danny’s products four years ago and am truly grateful for the transformational results. I’m nearly 70 (never too late) and even my dermatologist raves how lovely my skin is. Heartfelt thanks!

Kacy K.

I have to say that when I started working with Danny I was a dermatologist junkie, peels injections the works, and then river sent me her way and my skin detoxed for a year! And now my skin looks so beautiful. I get so many compliments and no one ever can tell how old I am!!! Thank you so much for your care and attention! I so love being all natural. Thanks for giving me the support I needed to be courageous enough to buck the trend.

Raquelle W.

Danny’s skin treatments and all natural products have revolutionized my skin. It had been pretty sensitive but as soon as I started using the products regularly, I noticed an immediate difference, and realized my skin had been starving for goodness! It felt more supple, youthful, and radiant right away. I could feel and see it become more healthy, and the results have lasted and continued to unfold over time. Not only does it make me look good, but it makes me feel so good to care for my skin with healthful and nourishing ingredients that even smell naturally wonderful too. I can’t recommend them enough!

Nicole F.

Danny’s concept for skin care and the products she recommends have been the first things I have ever done for my skin that have actually improved it. No more the obligatory cleanse, moisturize, eye cream, etc. hoping to find the “best” thing out there. Her knowledge and approach have improved my skin every year for the ~3 years I have been following Skin Harmonics program. Natural and scientific at the same time-and I have seen the same results with my friends who use it as well.

Lisa L.

I just realized that’s it’s been a year and a half since Danny introduced me to the Skinharmonics products and her dermal remodeling process. I used to complain of dry flakey skin and I had monthly peels and facials. I thought I needed the peels to get rid of the dry skin so I could see new soft skin. Danny looked at my skin and started clearing out the old impurities.

I started using her simple process to cleanse, feed and moisturize my skin. I love it! No more flaky skin! And the products live up to my standards of no toxic chemicals. I’ve replaced the expensive facials and tubes of miracle creams with simple good natural products. I’m saving money and getting better results! I couldn’t ask for a better facial care regime.

It’s amazing to think that I’m happier with the products and my skin feels great. And the added bonus of spending less money on skin care allows me to save money!

Thank you Danny!

Bobbi S.